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360gcProg :

This software allows you to flash quickly and easily your x360Glitchip, or any other chip using a JTAG Port.



360gcProg v1.0 (23/09/2011) - First Official Release

360gcProg v1.1 (23/09/2011) - Add Official Timings v1.1

360gcProg v1.2 (30/12/2011) - Add Opus Timings + bugfix

360gcProg v1.3 (20/01/2012) - Add Alternative Trinity Timings

360gcProg v1.4 (26/03/2012) - Add Xenon Timings

360gcProg v1.5 (01/06/2012) - Add the five RGH2 Timings

360gcProg v1.6 (09/07/2012) - Add the 6 Corona Timings


x360 SpiFlasher Pack :


This is the driver pack with nandpro



x360 SpiFlasher Pack v1.0 (01/10/2011) - First Official Release


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